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Not me. My brother. I had no hand in it. My mom was the one that pushed me. I was just, like, trying to do something. Not necessarily to be part of it, but to have some influence.

The thing is you’re at a point in time where you want people to pay attention to you, but you don’t think anyone’s really paying attention to you.

Yeah, and sometimes it pisses me off. I know it pisses me off, but I know it pisses me off like someone in a room with two other people listening, you know?

The New York Jets have waived quarterback Geno Smith.

It doesn’t matter who is the quarterback for New York, but it does matter who the team intends to pick up the veteran’s $5 million cap hit this year.

Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes is also out for the season after undergoing shoulder surgery. General manager Mike Tannenbaum said they hoped Holmes — who was drafted in the third round of this year’s draft in 2011 for one season — would rejoin his team in August.

For a more general overview of each of the game’s features, please follow this link: http://www.voxel-x.org/wiki/Category:Character/

This document details each of the six character classes in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 -the three main ones, the two more “side” characters, and the three possible classes you can select. However, before diving into the information, I’d like to say that you really need to play the game to get the most out of it – you can’t just “get the class”. The descriptions of each class give you an idea of what they do, in terms of skill set, abilities, items, etc., but do not give a complete picture of their capabilities.

The “Main” Classes

There are six main character classes in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2:

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Character Name Class Image

Nanami (Male)

Chihiro (Female)

Akihito (Male)

Yun (Female)

Nagisa (Male)

Rin (Female)

Satoru (Male)

Eris (Female)

Iizuka (Male)

Igarashi (Female)

Gundam Builders (Male)

Gundam Builders (Female)

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