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Who changed hip hop? Who shaped my generation? The man who’s name you will only read if you’re a kid. It’s the Wu-Tang Clan. That doesn’t mean he’s a one-man band; it means he’s their leader. And he’s the reason we are what we are today.

I first heard his music in ’93 or ’94 when I was a DJ at C-D. But his artistry was first revealed when he made a video with Snoop Dogg called, “My Krazy Life” – his rap career began in ’93, and he went on to make some great records. And he is still as popular as ever. So it’s my honour to bring this to you, his new album, “Tangz.”

When did you become a fan?

In the early months, of course, when I would get out late one night and I had a bottle of whisky. I would come down, and they would come out and play.
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And they were good records? Or was your favourite record always, or just the best?

I always liked the albums. I would play them from the bottom of my heart.

Have you ever met The Wu Tang Clan?

Once in New York. When I first came through here in ’97 they were still a bunch of guys from Oakland, probably a dozen or so and I was like a big fan. And then we played them a little bit here in Miami. I met Snoop the day before, and he was wearing the Wu name on the back of his shirt. He was like “Yo! What are they doing?” I was like, “They are playing the album.” He was so nice that night.

Snoop is a legend in hip hop, a legend in hip-hop. We’ve heard stories about where he comes from, what his background was. How did he wind up with a rap group?

Well Snoop was actually born in Jamaica. And he actually had a great rap career with an MC named Marley Marl, who he met in the ’60s. He had a great group called the “Jamaican Rockers” or “J-Rockers.” As far as his background goes, Snoop came here in ’95 and was always a fan of hip hop. He used to say he was influenced by James Brown and a lot of other hip hop types when he was a kid. And he was actually

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