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“All of this is about Hip Hop, what brought Hip Hop up,” said the first person to record the first recording of ‘Pimp a Butterfly’.”

He added: “I believe rap has not come into its own as an art form yet, like it’s a genre which still hasn’t got through the whole of its golden age. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t people, like me, who are very good at it.”

“But I think I’ll go home before, in between, I’ll be doing my thing somewhere.”

He’s seen his career wane, with a huge increase in popularity. He was the most popular artist on Twitter around 2009 and has now had more than 25m followers. “It’s not the most popular thing there is,” he says. “It’s a huge thing.”

His last album released from Sony Music – The Black Album – reached the number three slot in the top 100 albums chart at Amazon’s top spot last year.

Image caption The rapper had a huge number of chart hits in the 1990s

“We’re still in that space, but we’re just not quite at that point,” he believes.

What he does say is that he believes there is more to be done to improve the level of mainstream rap talent. “We’ve got so many good people, but this is the most creative people. It’s the worst part I think – they’re still not being recognised, and I think that’s the truth.”

‘It’s an art form’: DJ Snake on the success of hip hop

“Hip hop is very hard to put down. It’s a hard genre to put down because it’s so beautiful and so deep,” said former DJ Snake.

“It’s an artform,” he said in an interview last year at an awards ceremony. “It’s the only artform where people are actually going after things, that’s for sure.”

DJ Snake was in the news last month after admitting to cocaine abuse, an admission, said to come under the headline “The artist I used to love”.

Image caption DJ Snake’s comments about the drug usage

“I was a total dopehead. I never really got clean after it. So now that I’ve aged it off more I realise it could have been a lot worse,” says DJ Snake.

“But I am who I am, so now I really get it,” he adds, adding he

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