Who created hip hop? – Belly Dancing Songs English

I don’t remember who. I think it’s a lot of artists that, I don’t think he’s really aware. Because all he’s really seen in the beginning is these hip hop artists. He’s just kind of seeing the music. But in the beginning there were just all these artists and then you’d have like a little thing around a studio and you’d see rappers like this. And then, boom, those rappers just kinda came out, it wasn’t until a lot of these artists started coming out where it started picking up. And then these, you know, we had like a big influx of [rap] artists.


So it had started becoming a more prevalent genre for people in a lot of the city then?

Yeah. I mean at first it was still a rap thing, but we always had this underground hip hop thing and it wasn’t until like after The Game and his big release in like 1994, we kind of kind of like started seeing hip hop become mainstream. So by the time I was growing up it was mainstream, just like, more or less.

What’s been something you’ve learned from that experience?

Obviously, I’ve seen what a lot of other people have learned to see what things can happen. Just kind of seeing that. And just kind of just seeing it and just kinda going, dude, you can’t just be like, fuck it, just do it and hope for the best and hope they like it or whatever, just live with how it is. Just be yourself and try to figure a way to do that.


But what if people don’t even like it?

Yeah, that’s what I’ve always been trying to figure out. Like, if you’re not happy with it, you may just decide not to do it or move on. So I always think of that in these situations and just try to figure out, what’s going on? Just try to not be selfish. Always be going, let’s just be honest with each other about what I want out of life and do what I want on my end. That’s always been one of my goals. So just because somebody doesn’t like it doesn’t mean you can’t be yourself. But even if there’s not, at the same time, we always think of other ways to do things in a way to try to not make ourselves worse off. The only way is up. I love the fact

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