Who created hip hop? – Dancing Girl Drawing

That’s a good question. I mean, I’d have to assume that in the 1920s, there were a bunch of little people just messing around, making records and recording, but those records and the recordings are of great quality and are something that I love. So where do the records come from? Probably not very far away. What’s interesting is I’ve done a lot of research, and I’ve seen a lot of research that says they came from New York, maybe from California, maybe from England. What is it that drew me to the sound that sounds different and I think the idea of people mixing and mashing up music to make a certain sound or a certain genre kind of fascinates me.

Yeah, people mix everything.

Exactly. So what I found was that when I go out there, especially when I go to festivals or when I go to events, people I get together with, and we are talking. They don’t just mix music, and what is it that they are talking about and what are they talking about? So I would start in the studio, and they are mixing stuff together. And what happens is they start to do this mix that works with what they’ve got. And what happens, though, is that people who are not mixing music like me are talking to each other about songs and that’s a very rare thing. And they’re mixing stuff that they might have just heard or they thought and say, “Wow it’s really good so I’ll put it on”. And they’re like, “No I need to put it on, let me do that”. I think it’s a really interesting process where they’re sort of putting ideas to music for things, even if it’s not something that they’ve previously done. And in my mind, when you have a conversation with someone and you think of something and you look up the source, it’s the way everything comes together. So if you see the sound, you see what you want the sound to sound like, and I think it’s cool that you get to hear that every day.

So you’re trying not to see yourself too much.

Exactly. At the beginning of writing this album and recording this album and doing everything before the album actually came out, but I think people are discovering it right now! You know when someone’s putting something out and you’re sort of like, “Well that’s it. This is it.” I’m really excited that they’re doing it. I don’t know if

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