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Hip hop is very much about the art of being a rebel against the rules of the system. The people who create hip hop are not trying to be edgy, they think it is their duty to be a rebellion against the system. They are doing so in order to be themselves and do things they did not choose to do.

If you are a hip hop artist, you can be anyone you want. It’s not really important who you are, what they might be or what you might try to express, what you look like, anything. It only matters who you are. You don’t have to be from a specific genre, you can be anything. Your music may be as generic or as esoteric as you want it to be, not your job. You only have to be who you want your music to be, that’s it, not who other people think you should be.

What are some hip hop artists you like?

Dua Lipa – I love her so much. She’s so bright and crazy and energetic. I always listen to her when I’m out on tour.

Pusha T & Travis Scott – I love them more than anything else. I like when they’re so loud and obnoxious and you can’t take your eyes off them, but I really like when they’re down and honest. They were the hardest working people on this record, and it’s a good way to show it.

Rihanna – She’s been so busy all this time, but I really like her, and like her music. I like being in the industry, so I can’t wait to get back to doing what I love.

Who invented hip hop music?

Hip hop was created and first heard by underground radio DJs and musicologists as a means of communicating through the radio. In the mid to late 70s DJs who recorded what they heard through the air were heard for the first time.

In a year or two DJ’s were heard for the first time and they started changing the entire genre. It seems that the way people listen to music changed. DJ’s brought hip hop into the mainstream.

When should I listen to hip hop music?

Everyone should listen to hip hop music.

What are some popular music genres?
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Rock and Roll is one of today’s most popular genres, but hip hop and R&B are always around.

What are some popular people who promote hip hop?


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