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I was inspired by the concept behind breakdancing. I saw a lot of people in the street dancing, and I thought, “Hey, that’ll do. We can do that too. Why not make it a profession? You can go to the local club, and you can make a living off the fact that you’re a dancer.” There’s nothing better than being a young boy with these boys making fun of you. You’re a teenager in a foreign country and they’re making fun of you. So I made a video of a friend of mine, his father, who is a real dancer, and I’m a choreographer, telling the story about my dad’s career.

What are your ambitions for Breaking Bad?

I’ve actually never been a huge science fiction fan, so I wasn’t really sure what to think when I got a call from Vince [Nolan] a few months ago and asked me what I wanted to do next—do you know how much fun you can have doing science-fiction? I said I can’t imagine watching anything from Star Trek. Now, I’m interested in the genre and how I can take the same elements that I love about Breaking Bad and apply them to science-fiction, whether it’s a TV show or a movie.

What was your reaction to the trailer for the tenth episode titled “Nacho Libre”?

I just laughed at the way the guy’s looking in that corner. I was kind of like, “Man. Dude. What?” I had to go to the bathroom.

What do you think about people who can’t watch Breaking Bad?
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I don’t really know what they are thinking. Maybe they think, “Wow, I can’t watch Breaking Bad! My boyfriend and I, and we go on to make movies!” But I always knew that the audience is going to make it, and I didn’t necessarily care what people thought [at the premiere of the show].

You once got a job in the makeup of a Star Trek Enterprise costume, and you worked on Captain Kirk. Do you have any thoughts on what it was like working in the show?

You know, I liked it. I didn’t hate the job. I liked the opportunity to look like somebody that I thought was pretty cool; that could play around on the bridge. But I did notice in Star Trek that their costumes were pretty simple. They don’t seem to want to go to the extent that I could in Breaking Bad

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