Why does Shakira belly dance? – Belly Dancing Music Fast

What do you mean? What’s the difference between Shakira and Miley Cyrus?

It’s the difference between her being able to sing, and the fact that she’s always singing to her own song. If we were just able to sing to the same song, there’s a lot of pressure on her, and it’s not because of a performance. It’s as if we’re trying to mimic her.

Does she sing to anything at all?

No, she only sings when she has rehearsed, like when a company that wants to use her comes and asks her to sing, she can come sing. She sings the whole time.

When did you become interested in singing in the first place?

About two years ago, and it was really cool. Like, who wouldn’t want to sing? It’s so unique, so different from singing with your hands. It’s about having a good body and a good vocal rhythm.

How, then, did you first make the decision to sing for your own music?

After I got married, I took a few years off of practice to raise my children, so it just took some time to catch up. Then I found a school in Barcelona — I’ve studied in America and Canada — and I started singing. I studied with a lot of greats, with Elton John, David Guetta, and Bruno Mars — you name it. And then I started to sing. It was cool, because I’m so good, and you can see that my voice is so good. So it clicked. If the fans wanted to sing, then I would sing.
Professional Belly Dance Costume from Egypt in Teal Green ...

Your music videos have been described as “beautiful.” How did that process work for you?

It’s such a different experience, but it was cool. I’m so proud when it’s seen by the fans. I love those videos and they are amazing. People want to see people singing, and that’s something I never thought that I would feel like because I’m used to doing that by myself. But it definitely helps.

In your first video for “Love in the Time of Cholera,” your voice is clearly strong. How did you make sure that was your voice in your latest video, “Chaos”?

It’s not me trying to impress anyone: It’s the way I sound, and it was the same with “Love in the Time of Cholera.” It was great because it was really a personal video of

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