Why does Shakira belly dance? – Shakira Belly Dancing Techniques Hair Studio

Shakira is a beautiful and talented dancer, but you have to believe her when she says belly dance at the end of a love song is a special, personal touch that will make you love her more. So here she is, belly dancing in the middle of a love song!

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A song about a couple who’s love gets closer and closer, then finally touches down…

The music is so beautiful, and it’s so romantic to me! The way the music plays with Shakira’s vocal tone and vocal range makes me feel like this song is sung by a girl I could have a relationship with. My love for Shakira was really sparked when I heard this song and had the chance to see her perform it live. Not only does this song play well here, but it brings back memories of when I was first feeling out whether I was ready to have a relationship. Maybe I had gone too far, and now I feel more like I’m ready for a relationship.

After hearing her perform it, I felt like a little kid again. I don’t mean the girl in the song is 11, but the little voice she has in that tiny tiny voice sings so much to me. As you may know, I was a little kid when this was released, and I remember feeling the same way as I do right now watching her, who I love the way she is. If I’m lucky enough to get a chance to get her record back, I definitely want to sing my heart out on this song to her.

You see, it’s easy to love someone if you love someone else too. She is a dancer, so when you look into her eyes and hear those incredible melodies, it’s like you’re dancing with the dancer in front of you.

This particular song and its accompanying video is so romantic, it gets me every time. The song itself is actually Shakira’s debut studio album. If you watch it, you’ll notice that the voice on the video is different from other videos and songs in the series. I’ve been looking forward to this release on the series since I got a chance to see her perform it live. What a great release!

The video also plays as an amazing story of romance. Like in many love songs, the story is so powerful and touching. The song begins with just Shakira’s voice as she sings along to the video, but as she sings along, you can see how her body moves across the screen creating this magical motion.

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