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I have no doubt about it.

Who is the person most responsible for raising this film?

Peter O’Toole.

Are you a film buff?

I always enjoy good things. I enjoy a lot of things and I love to do them.

Have you had a chance to see ‘Logan’?

I was in L.A. a few months ago. I thought it was great and a great movie as well, which is funny to me because I didn’t understand how it got made until a year and a half ago. It actually got made and had a very good box office going for it.

Who was your favourite character in the movie?

My favourite character was that guy called Charlie. The character was just a little wacko and you just know he’s going to get killed in the end of the movie.

Which scene or scenes from ‘Logan’ have stuck in your head the most?

It’s a really good scene as well. That scene is really funny. The guy at the bar that is being asked about his friend and the guy that he is talking to and the guy says ‘I can’t see either of them any more’. It really is something. That scene is really good.

What is your most memorable moment on set?

You know what I remember? The fact that I get to play a superhero, with a very complex story. A character that has his own struggles and he goes through a lot of pain.

What is your favorite ‘Logan’ moment?

I know this will get old as we get closer to the film but the moment when he says ‘what would I do without my wife?’ I’m really into this film. If there were a scene I miss the most I would say the scene when they are walking off. It’s a really funny scene. It’s funny and tense and it just really brings the movie to a close.

Who do you consider to be your biggest fan?

You know what, I’m a huge fan. I love it.

What makes you want to tell people about your project?

A lot of it just comes from that you see all these really talented people working together and working to make something really special. It’s a lot of love. I don’t know about my friends but I’m not an actor so I can’t imagine where those guys work other than their jobs. I do

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