Can you be a film producer without a degree?

I don’t think so.

Here’s the deal. I don’t know enough to put together a coherent narrative that doesn’t contain a number of small, glaring and obvious mistakes. You’ll see one after the next. I’m being unfair here, it’s a huge job, it’s a complex piece of work and it requires a degree, not necessarily in filmmaking, but education. I’ve not learned something in 10 years.

A film producer should be able to work at home, with no technical background whatsoever, and produce the film themselves. Not, say, a software engineer. I’ll never look at a screenwriter again because of that. If that’s your approach to filmmaking I don’t really understand how that compares to the kind of education I have in mind.

Does this mean you want to get a PhD in filmmaking? Not for the money, sure, but so that you can make film? No – and you won’t necessarily be making a film, the film will look like something you might do on a whim, in a spare moment, or for pleasure.

So, where to from here?

As you can probably imagine, the idea of doing it all again isn’t too appealing. What’s the point? It’s a bit like being a designer who wants to create the furniture for a house, like me. But then when you take the time to actually design it or look at your plans for it, how can you justify spending money to do it all over again? You’re not really creating something new; you’re just making your own version of the same old junk.

This isn’t my idea of a job, but this is my philosophy of a film producer, and I’ve been doing it for more than 15 years. That doesn’t mean I am any more qualified than, say, a chef, designer or carpenter who gets paid per hour for doing something they love. It doesn’t mean I’m a better or more creative person than those people, it just means a different way of doing the job.

I have some strong opinions about the job I do nowadays, and these opinions are different from anything you might find on a CV I will write, so I will leave them out. But I will be honest, I am not a happy person. The job has changed so much that there’s nothing I still like about it.

But that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. The whole idea of going back to school is one of