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As we said previously, that’s not really important. In fact, you don’t really need a degree or even any type of certifications to be a filmmaker or a musician. But if you want to work in music industry, you may need to have some musical training, and that takes a bit of time.

“I don’t think that the arts have to be expensive to learn, but I also don’t think that people should have to be expensive to learn.”

That being said, you might want to learn musical fundamentals through auditions, to help you with your audition and future job possibilities.

“As you go further and further in your studies, you may need to become more familiar with writing and composition, as well as theory. Even if you can’t find a specific job today, I would like to see you having a music career at some point in the future, and I am not saying that you’ll be a successful artist or musician, just that you can,” says Cate.

How do I become more familiar with composition?

If music is something you are very familiar with, but want more practice with how songs are played live, do this by playing in the front row as your favorite band plays, or if you can’t stand that one specific band, try playing for a different group.

“I don’t think that the arts have to be expensive to learn, but I also don’t think that people should have to be expensive to learn,” says Cate.

“We all know that we won’t always be successful in business, you can always learn something new and get better,” she says. “Just go do it, whatever you like, for a couple months, or a year, or maybe a month, and you’ll see if it helped you.”

One tip to take away with you as you learn the craft of music is that having an understanding of music is just as important as understanding how to sing or play an instrument.

“When you have the skill of knowing how to play music and composing it, that is also part of that ‘understanding’ because it provides a framework for writing the music for the film,” says Cate.

For a complete tutorial on how music is synthesized into films, check out this course created by Academy Award nominated composer, music producer and director, Adam Brody.

And for music production tips from music professionals, visit this page.

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