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No. If you have to make a living you’re going to have to be really good at it. You have to be an artist. So how are you going to do that on a day-to-day basis without having a set? You know?

We’ve become so isolated in the entertainment industry from this. But we’re still sort of in the dark. I grew up just on the West Coast, where you go out for a while and see a lot of people you respect and then you go back and you have a few friends.

How did that influence you and where do you think you’ve developed as an actor?

My father was a huge influence. I’ve always had a lot of respect for my father for being somebody you could count on in a minute and then being somebody you could count on for four hours. He always had a plan and was able to execute it. So that was a big influence. Growing up in that kind of environment and growing up in that time, you sort of want to emulate that and be a little bit like my dad. I try to be, for a long while, an example of how he has done it and I try to be a little bit like my dad and live out my father’s dream.

Do you want to continue to grow as an actor?

I would love to, but there is so much of what I do that has nothing to do with acting. There isn’t anything that comes next between being an actor and an actor. So I’m just sort of doing them in separate areas. It’s not that I don’t want to work with [co-stars] because they have good material, or it might be that I want to be a writer, so that’s what I have the room for and that’s what I have the time for.

How is you feeling about the response to your new film “In the Name of the Father”?

It’s very exciting. It’s been well received. It was a very, very small film and we made a big movie and the reaction was just so positive, I couldn’t be more proud. You feel like it’s going to go beyond just being a movie. There is so much going on with everything; people care. I think it’s the reason that even in such an indie film like mine, it’s really well received. It’s really resonating and people are excited for the story.

“In the Name of the Father” opens Thursday

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