Do producers make more than actors?

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This is a good question. I think what is the case is that with actors it’s much easier to see what is going to happen as the project is going on. With producers, I also think it’s more about the producer and it’s more of a risk for us in some places to try to see if there’s a way to come up with what’s cool to make. It’s a risk because it needs to be interesting and fresh. The challenge for many producers is the same as it is for any artist: is your film going to be commercially successful? Will people watch it?

For example with a documentary film, which was made because our friend asked us to do it, if you were thinking about making a film the day before, that’s a hard thing to decide whether to make or not, but we definitely had many conversations about it about the movie. It just so happens that it eventually turned out to be an amazing success. And we knew that it was going to be an amazing success, of course, but we had a gut feeling about whether it was going to be cool.

We all know that we make films. We all spend years building a project. We all know that it’s going to be seen by people and if we’re lucky we’ll be able to say: “Well that’s the kind of movie we could have come up with.”

It’s true: what is more valuable and unique and fun and special and powerful than that moment when you have a big success? I mean, that’s what’s most fascinating to artists. There are so many situations that take place with a film when it’s not commercial success. It’s just amazing to me that we’ve gotten that out of our system.

What is the most difficult thing about making a film, and is there anything special about it that is hard or frustrating?

I think what is hard is having a movie that is going to be seen by people who are going to buy it and not making that film because, if you make that film, then what are you going to say?

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy making films, but that’s also the challenge. I don’t have any regrets because all of us are human and we all have different views on how to make a movie. The challenge is a lot of different things from me and the director. I feel like I can only work well on a film when I have the ability and the feeling and the opportunity to bring so