Do video editors make good money? – Uncsa Film School

No, and then they get a salary check. But if those videos are good enough they can make big bucks.

There are no shortcuts to creating the perfect video. The only way to achieve it is to go out and work hard.

To be an honest editor, if you start to make a video with friends you’ll probably get more money than an editor in his 20s. It will go up.

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What were you doing at the college in your 20s? How was the first year?

I graduated from college in 2012, and I spent the first three years at an online school. I worked my way through school while trying to complete my business degree and earn my license (which I never did). The whole thing sucked. My mom paid for my tuition. My dad gave me $5 a month to cover my living expenses. I took my mother on a vacation once and it sucked. I really wanted to get a real job and be with her.

When I finished college I took two months off to work on my business. Then I took two months off in 2014 to take my second year of business education. I worked two jobs. I did a semester of classes at the College of Charleston. But after completing classes (and a few internships – mostly online) I was ready to get a real job again. I took a year off from college this year to start working full-time. I’ve completed all four years in college (and a master’s degree). I really love college and it’s nice to be able to go to school again.

What was your first video? What was your most impressive thing about it?

My first video was pretty amazing. I went to a party in Charleston that was going on at 4am on the weekend (and it felt like 4am the whole time). I made an episode of “It’s A Small World” and some short commercials. It was pretty funny (there were actually some scary things that happened right before and after the camera was rolling) but honestly the best thing about it was when I met some people from the local scene and they asked if I could record them doing something. I didn’t think they were actually going to do it. I still

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