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No. But if you’re a real-world entrepreneur, and you make a movie about a real-world startup, you will have been through something similar—you probably had to deal with people who didn’t understand, and the technology didn’t work the way you wanted it to. So I think the first rule of making movies is: don’t go too big. You want it to be just something you’ve seen a dozen times. Maybe you’ve seen a hundred times before.

What about when you wrote a screenplay?

There are three big steps to writing a screenplay. First is to decide where you want it to go. I would say maybe 80 percent of the screenplay is the story, but there are still some things that are really just for show: What are the people on set like? What are the problems they go through? Where would you go if you were stranded? What kind of person are these people? And then you write the whole thing. If it’s a really funny kind of movie, it can get pretty long.

How do you choose a subject like a startup?

There are two kinds of startups: one is just one guy in the corner, but he’s not actually thinking about it. That’s what you call a “silo” startup. The other kind is a really successful company that just works really, really well and people think it’s a pretty cool idea. And, you know, there’s a third category of startup—a lot of the movies about companies I grew up watching have that—and I think it’s really cool. They’re these kind of companies that you know the founders are smart and passionate people who want to do something really special. And there’s no other startup that captures that magic.

Do you think there are common themes between stories like Wall Street and tech startups?

Yeah, definitely. Wall Street is the biggest problem in my movie. Because that’s the only way to do it, you have to be really good at the stock market, which means you have to be like a sociopath. Whereas these startups, as bad as they sound, have to do their investors’ jobs, and they have to build their product, which requires a very different, much more complicated kind of skill set.

What is it that we learn about technology founders from Wall Street?

What I learned from Wall Street was that even when the best people in Silicon Valley weren’t investing in them, they really hated them too. And we

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