Do you need a college degree to be a filmmaker? – Digital Project Manager Job Description

Yes. Filmmakers need to be able to see a big picture, which is why I went to art school. Art school is amazing in that you’re not focused on one thing — like, say, writing, or drawing, or writing. You’re just going crazy. You’re looking at the whole world you’re creating, and there’s a great chance that you’ll be fascinated by something. So I wanted to learn how to use my whole brain, and be able to make art.

You can do both. I mean, I’m definitely not a natural artist. And in college, I did get the degree in both—and I’m working on a movie right now as a part of “The Filmmaker” program, which is a program at the University of Southern California. So I’ve been taking courses in photography, music, and film. My work includes documentary film making, and feature film making, but I really want to be the next Roger Deakins.

You’re an expert on fashion and culture — and you’ve never really spent that much time in New York City. Who’s your favorite celebrity?

I definitely like Beyoncé. I’ve watched her albums for a while, since they came out about two years ago. And she’s such a sweet girl. And I mean, look at this interview she did with People magazine… She’s doing all these really great things for young girls and women around the world.

You mentioned that you’re working in a documentary film made in New York City. How do you like the Big Apple?

I mean, it’s good to be out in New York City, because everything’s changing so fast. But, yeah, I just want to stay out of everything. I like walking on the street, watching it, and just relaxing, really. I’m not even close to being a New Yorker. But anyway, New York City has its own way of being. I’m lucky to be able to do this work while there. Like, there is not much of a work place. I feel like I can just go around and do whatever I’d like to do. I like to take a day off, because New York City has so much going on, and I love having so many ideas in my head.

Did any of your projects go beyond your expectations? How would you describe your process?

I’ve been trying to do my best for a long time now. I’m a perfectionist,

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