Does filmmaking have money? – Filmmaking Techniques For Directors Ep 2

The last time a film went to the Oscars, it was the movie that started that movie-going revolution in the U.S., “Gladiator.” That’s the big one. And then the movie that is currently on top, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.”

What about your own work?

I think I’m the most expensive filmmaker there is. I mean, I don’t have a job, but I still make millions of dollars, I guess. I have a house that I live in, and that house is full of art. It’s my private art studio, and I have a small collection of works. There’s not a very big gallery or gallery, really. And a few hundred of them actually, and people love to be here. I’ve built up something of a personal art museum. If I’m going to do films, I’ll want to do them in my room. I’m very conscious of it, I guess. You’ve got to pay for the work to be done in your room. You can’t just rent it out.

How do you get the work done?

I’m kind of in a private school system, so I’m kind of free to make whatever films I want to make — with the help of one of five assistants: a tutor, a curator, a photographer or a director. And I like to have a director — a director who has a particular skill set that I trust. Because sometimes a photographer has a really good sense of the camera angles, the lighting and the sound. And a director who’s good at making a story is like a magic talisman. The first time I did that film, it was like a dream.

How is your private studio funded?
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You know, I pay rent once a month. And all my art is exhibited, which means every year I have more art. And sometimes I have to sell things. I think I made about $10 million from this. I also have people who like to buy art, and they make up an exchange for it. And I’m sure, for some people, that is a problem. So I have a little bank account that I’ve set up and all that.

What’s it like living in a house?

It is a little bit like being a teenager or at a college. It’s not just an apartment, but it’s a small house, and everything’s a little touchier. There’s more space.

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