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The last time any Australian, much less a senior political figure, publicly spoke about the government’s plan to introduce a nationwide system of border checks, it was a big deal. It was the first time since the GFC that the government had said the proposal was a genuine, imminent threat.

The “Australian Border Force” was a government concept, which was designed to prevent irregular migrants entering the country illegally, but this idea was dismissed as “voodoo”.

Now, following last year’s election, Turnbull has finally released his most detailed plans yet for the plan to be implemented across the country. The plans, released to the media as a whole for the first time since Turnbull became prime minister, show the government has made a number of changes to the plan to make it less draconian, less expensive, and a little bit less likely to be successful.

But how does its actual effect on border smuggling look?

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So far, there are reports of migrants being arrested at Australian ports, some of which were never charged

A small number of migrants are being detained as they attempt to enter Australia legally, which can be considered a small price to pay to deter migrants from trying.

But the overall impact on the numbers crossing into Australia through our eastern and southern borders has been minimal thus far. Australia’s immigration department said there have so far been no reports of arrests, but the problem is a “small number” of migrants are being detained as they attempt to enter legally, which means they won’t be on our radar screens.

What they’re actually arresting are drug smugglers and criminal gangs, not migrants

A small number of drug smugglers and criminal gangs have made Australia home over the past 10 years, which is enough to explain why the border protection government has decided to target them and crack down on them by beefing up border security.

Australia has the third largest number of people trying to cross the western Pacific Ocean alone at the moment, after China and Indonesia.

When Turnbull took over the top job, he promised the government would not only prevent drug smugglers and organised gangs from setting up base in Australia, but would also “protect our borders”. His decision to increase the police

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