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If you already have experience in the film industry, you probably have a pretty good idea of how to get started. And if you want more, there are plenty of ways to get paid or to get out of the industry if you wish. But how can I learn when I already have the experience? As usual with education, learning begins by example.

My advice for aspiring filmmakers is to find a buddy, a buddy who shares your goals and interests. Go on a family trip, a convention, any other way you can to have your buddy share stories about how good you are. Even if you’re a novice, talk about how well you do things and how you’ve prepared. Give them as many ideas as possible. Get them talking about your experience and what you’ve learned in your days as a filmmaker. When you’re feeling confident about yourself, you can have them do this for you.

And if not you, someone else, do whatever you can to convince them to do so. If they don’t know any new film equipment, how do they keep the cost down? How do they get their camera to play the best? How do they develop it? Do they have a decent lighting setup? Does an editor have to be on set?

You can also share your favorite films. And if your buddies are willing they can pick some good ones to show you. Have a few drinks, get comfortable on your feet, maybe a movie. And have a look at where you stood during the editing process to see where you could improve your skills or what you need more practice on. Then keep talking about them.

I learned a lot of stuff through these two movies. A lot of people tell me I’m not good enough. I think that doesn’t matter. No good film is made just because you’re good.

I learned that I need to have a very clear goal or vision for my own film when I get started. And not in the film industry, but somewhere else.

The second part of that is learning how to sell my film. I was never a marketer growing up. I thought I could just show it at premieres and make an insane amount of money.

And that made me think that if there was an audience that would accept it, I would start selling it to them. I guess I was wrong.

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But I don’t care how people love it. No one who makes my films has bought any of them, not even my own mother

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