How can I learn filmmaking? – New York Film Academy Documentary Filmmaking Redux

When I am not using my training. I have no training at all and I just love making movies and I can’t wait to get back to that, but there are so many ways to get started and learn filmmaking, and I am excited to give it a go to learn how to make a film.

This is my third year of film school and last year I made the most amazing film, ‘All The Way’. In this season I am taking part in 4 different films.

Mixed Martial Arts

This is an incredible new film project in the making. We have hired a producer from ‘Breaking Bad’ and I have the opportunity to shoot in a different environment. My dream for myself, in the cinema and beyond, is to work with an MMA fighter and the other actors who play them with a sense that we are all working together and creating something truly special. I am very blessed and am already getting closer to our release date.

The Life of a Teen

‘The Life of a Teen’ is set for 2017, which was such a surreal experience for me as a teen and I am very privileged to be part of such an amazing project. I have a long shot of having the chance to become a film director myself. Now I just have to work hard and achieve all these things and get it out there.

I have been working with directors from many countries and it was an amazing experience. This year I am taking part in a world, and it sounds ridiculous to say that, but I feel like I am starting my new career. Hopefully the new opportunities I get will inspire other young filmmakers and encourage them to take those next steps.

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