How do I become a script writer?

The screenplay is a very important part of a writer’s craft. The screenplay is an individual, unique work. There are writers who do not want to write films, who want to write novels or to work with a visual designer or a composer, or who have artistic interests of their own. The great writer was an outsider, who had to write from the outside (his or her own perspective), using his experiences as a teacher in a unique situation, through his own imagination, and through the collective talent of writers who helped him.

As you can imagine, scripts and screenwriting are a very small community. A script may not have a hundred pages, and yet is the blueprint for a movie – whether it is a short, a feature, a documentary, or it has a feature length as well. Most screenwriting has a very similar structure as a short story – there are characters and an underlying theme that we can connect to, and we can be intrigued by, and it can be a lot of fun.

So the structure of the screenplay is really important to what we want to portray. I have seen people who are quite great at writing. They know how great writers work and they know how to adapt the story to the language they know best – a certain kind of language, an English language script. They can go and see a great writer, like Martin Scorsese, and learn from his skill. It is a very helpful thing, and sometimes it’s better than reading in a scriptbook. The screenplay can be a great tool for finding the perfect balance.

Do I have to be a writer to make a movie?

It depends. There are many directors who have had great success without developing a script. The great writers had great skill; they knew how to put words into a writer’s head, so that an idea could be told, a narrative could be told, and it could be entertaining. But it takes some talent. It is a bit of luck that you happen to be a great writer and talented, and can adapt yourself very well to the medium of filmmaking. You have some talent and some good instincts. I wouldn’t say it’s absolutely necessary.

I think that you should get a script read or watch it, just to get a feel for what the writer is trying to achieve.

Does the script have to be great to make a good movie?

No. There are many things that are essential to a successful story. You have to know if it is