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If you love movies and TV, you probably already know this. If not, maybe you’re ready to know. Indie Film Schools (IFS) offer two levels of film programs—one for beginning movie makers and one for experienced Hollywood film makers. Each program, along with its respective director, offers one option to pursue.

You can start with a three-month contract with the minimum entry requirement of 30 movies and a budget of $10,000. There’s also a summer internship option for studios looking to get their hands on a promising new voice.

Or, if you’re making the jump to the indie film industry, be prepared to spend upwards of $50,000 for courses and training in editing, camera work, and motion graphics.

Getting started: The Basics of Indie Film

To get started with film, start by making up a story. That means finding yourself: a person who is willing to do whatever it takes to make a movie that is good, regardless of what that movie cost.

A story will have to begin and end with a character. You might pick someone the audience has already gotten to know in the first few scenes. For instance, one story I’d recommend would be “Dumb.” The reason for this: it will be difficult to establish a consistent tone for your story. So you need another character (you!) who makes sense.

You’ll also need a plot, which will tell you which scenes in the film will be good, bad, and funny. Once you have something down, it’s time to write it all down. As you write your script, think about what characters will be in your movie, as well as the plot of each shot. So, if you’re writing a musical scene that involves some jazz music, or a scene featuring some dancing, or an all-female ensemble, you’d think: What is this film about? Why make a movie like this?

While you’re thinking about the plot, you’ll need to work out what the film looks like. It’s usually as simple as creating a reel of scenes and then having that video edited. That’s the easy part! To actually make a movie, you’ll have to find a location, learn the laws and customs of that area, and find actors and extras. Finally, you will need to film and edit the movie!

The hardest part of making movies, as any fan of film should know, is shooting it! A simple plot of “we

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