How do I get film clients? – Digital Techniques Model Answer Paper Winter

You MUST take the money now so that you can be paid later. You want to make sure you have done the most work you can and earn a living wage and not simply make the money to invest later. If you don’t get film deals, get into the freelancing/casting business (like I have been doing for 3 hours a day since 2011). I get around 50 contacts per day from this and I do a lot of work in film.

What are the pros and cons of getting started with film making in Toronto?

Well I can tell you, a year or so back I had my biggest project to date: The Dark Knight Rises (which I’m actually not allowed to show the entire film to anyone because the film is in the public domain and I have permission).

I did it for $400k at the end (and I have over 100 clients!). It was a huge leap for me and you’ll probably see all of those numbers in this post. But it’s a lot of work and is VERY expensive, so I had to do the whole project while I was working at a construction site. Then I had a really busy 12 hour day at my dad’s construction job and there was still a deadline to meet. The film was done in 6 weeks and it’s worth the time but I’m sure you could do it cheaper by going to the beach to shoot.

It was a very risky thing to do for sure but I really feel I learned some valuable lessons in the process. I learned how to do it right, which is the most important thing with film now.

How was that job?

I am now an independent filmmaker in the production and financing business working on a variety of projects including film and television. I do a lot of work for independent companies like Toronto Bluebird Pictures who are also producing films like the upcoming documentary The New Film Starred Producers. Also, I have been a producer on several films from major studios like Sony Pictures and Universal. I get paid based on the film and the fees I receive in return make their films bigger and better.

I’m also a student of documentary film making and have already produced two feature length documentaries in Toronto (about the history of the TTC) before I even started this business. (You can see some of my work on my website at

If you’re in the city, I’d love to tell you about what

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