How do I get film clients? – Dslr Filmmaking Kit

I have worked with so many talented talent that I’ve developed an entire business model to make it easy and affordable for them to get their films to your doorstep.

Just check out the links below and start making connections.

A few tips:

I’ll even help you out with anything you might have questions about (like my experience in getting to know a film actor).

If you’re interested in being in charge of a digital project, let me know via email so we can discuss a partnership and future plans.

If you need any help with what to do for a day, come talk to me.

Contact Details:

Alyanna: [email protected]

Holly: [email protected]

Don’t forget: you can always email me your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them and be happy to help!


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(W) Steve Orlando (A/CA) Jason Latour

If it’s wrong and you don’t care, you shouldn’t be surprised about it. But the Justice League finds itself at the wrong side of the law and must deal with their own guilt over the death of their friends. With their only hope of finding out what really happened buried deep within one of their own–the only problem is, who to talk to?

You can find the files on the Downloads page!

This mod adds in a new weapon of the same name in the game: the Katana. For the new weapon, I have created a set of textures to replace the vanilla weapon textures. A few images are included with each weapon in various states.

Please note that I have made any changes needed on the weapons to not break compatibility or remove the weapons from the game completely. I also created two weapon types: “Sword of Destruction” and “Sword of Thunder”.

The Complete Documentary Filmmaking Equipment List ...
-The Katana itself is made by Lulzam ( ). He is available to add the Katana to the game: Just contact him using the comments. If he wants to add a Katana to the game, he can be the contact person for that (or simply PM him for that).

-Sword of Destruction: This version is not compatible with other weapon mods, so you will need to download the mod

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