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If you’d like to get your film published or sold, you need to get a film agent – and a professional can help with that. The key to getting clients is to find a couple of good agents that you can trust. That’s one of the reasons you want to make sure your film matches one of the agents in your network already.

This way you will know that your film fits in their portfolio and so you have a better chance of being considered for further clients. You can choose the same agents if you like but I’d suggest starting with at least one who is good in multiple genres.

One of the most common pitfalls I see people run into is getting clients from agencies they only know because of a personal referral, but that they have never met – so that they never know what kind of service their client is getting. Just ask them what kind of service their client has received and look for the positive and not negative response. It helps with building up a solid network too.

Another thing you can do is try out a couple of different agencies. For example, if you have an agent in LA with a portfolio and great reputation, try moving to New York for a while to see if he might be able to match yours up with one of his more experienced colleagues.

If your agent can help you then great. If you just want to build a solid base of experience I’d recommend applying for assignments that you are comfortable with – either from your own studio or from a freelancer or agency.

What are good film marketing tips?

Film marketing is still pretty new and a lot of companies are focused on what their clients look and feel like first. If you want your clients to think you are a brand they can’t live without check out these articles on how to do it right.

These things come in handy when you’re working with a marketing agency or looking for clients you know and trust to be interested in film marketing.

Filmmaking Quotes: top 100 famous quotes about Filmmaking
If you’re looking to build some really effective tools for your agency’s film marketing then this book is perfect! This book contains all the tools you need to be better effective and is written specifically for agents. So if you want to be better than the others here are some tips that might help.

Check out this free ebook on how to make a successful marketing campaign from scratch.

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