How do I market myself as a filmmaker?

To answer this question first I think we must ask just what marketing is. Marketing is not “buying” movies, it is “marketing the movie” as it comes back to marketing the film. So, we’ll assume you are a filmmaker, and are making movies. The business of filmmaking is to sell movies. How? The best way for filmmakers to sell movies is to help make them. And I’ll bet that if you’re reading this you’re not in that business—well you are, of course, what else are you, but a filmmaker?

You have seen a lot of films in your life. What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned?

Well, the biggest lesson, as an indie filmmaking filmmaker, I’d say, is making good movies first—not, “making an indie film,” because you can never really make an indie film—but making good movies first and foremost. And it’s a hard lesson to teach because it’s such a subtle thing. When we make a movie, if it doesn’t do what we wanted, that’s ok because you’re still making a good movie, which is just fine. But you can’t really tell yourself, “I’m still making good movies,” it’s that simple. I think it’s really important that the movies we’re making go out to the world and reach a broader audience than the ones that we already do so that they’re more accepted by the people who want to see them and that they’ve seen them and have learned enough about them through experience, from good and bad, to be able to take a step back and evaluate them in a critical context. I think the best film that’s ever been made or that will be made can only be made by those who know what they’re doing and are invested in what they’re doing, and it is this community of people who know what they’re doing, who really work together in making quality movies.

A new study by a consortium of universities has concluded that there is no link between the use of hydraulic fracturing fluids and water contamination. A joint study by the Water Research Institute and North Carolina State University released Thursday shows no evidence of contamination within the wellbore of some hydraulic fracturing wells.

The report found:

It is unlikely that the presence of contaminated gas, or contamination by other substances, will change or affect the groundwater aquifers or surface water quality;

The water aquifers do not, on balance, show any increased risk of contamination;