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If that’s like, you know, “Oh, you’re a comedian and this is what you should do as a comedian. You should just be a guy who directs movies,” you probably want to do a lot of different kinds of films. And, I’m sure they want to make a big studio movie. Like say, you’re a comedian, you want to do a comedy. But this is a movie that you can do with a female cast and it’s also a comedy, so you do both of those things. But that doesn’t solve any of the problems about comedy. It doesn’t create its own universe.

AVC: I know it’s very hard to write a movie that doesn’t have a sexual element to it.


JA: That’s not funny enough.

AVC: But it’s also very hard to write a movie that doesn’t have a political element to it.

JA: You have to be honest about it. If you’re a female comedian and you’re in charge of your own project, there is no way you cannot talk about politics in a really funny way and also a really emotional way. And it does not make the audience any less horrified.

AVC: And if you’re doing anything with people you know who are political, it’s probably not going to make any more of a dent.


JA: You just can’t do that to people. It doesn’t work. They see it and they can’t handle it. It’s such a tricky thing to do, really. A lot of my old stand-up friends now are like, “Yeah, we were so nervous about it, then we started telling jokes!”

AVC: Right, you have to find a way of talking about things that are uncomfortable but still funny.

JA: My stand-up friends, they’re funny to me, but they’re not all the time. It’s hard to get them to talk about stuff that they feel very strongly about, but to be honest with you, when I first did stand-up, I couldn’t get to that place where I would be so happy if I did something that was an act of honesty. [Laughs.] But after about five or six years of working, I’ve become comfortable enough to see myself acting that way, and then there’s that kind of comfort zone where you don’t look over your shoulder.

AVC: The most recent episode of your show is

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