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It’s very important for us to get the message out about what we’re doing. I am an avid supporter of the independent filmmaker. I like the fact that I can still shoot video in the studio with our friends and collaborators—people who share our passion for filmmaking. It’s not just about getting paid—it’s about showing people exactly what you’re doing. So we’ve never looked at our income as a revenue stream.

A movie like The Witch is not going to make money, but it can do millions. We could do as much as we can in these six months. I really think we’re capable of just making a film that’ll be noticed by the general public, like this film was for me. The Witch will be seen as an art piece, like the others are—because most people know the story. We wanted to go and do it on our own and find the director who can make something great. You can’t really shoot a movie and hope to get a big award for it, and the way the film was turned around was by an international producer.

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I’m a student of filmmaking—I’ve shot over 50 movies, and I’ve learned through experience that it really is the people, not the project that makes a film.

What do you think is a common mistake people make while going to see your films?

I always ask people at the screenings, “Is this film too close to you?” And I have a good sense of just how close they are to the story. The audience feels like they’re a part of the story.

On the last film, we really did everything: we shot it the same day our last shoot was, so it’s really hard to go over there with an editor who hasn’t seen it before. We have to do the same things all over again. I tell people, “This is a really interesting way to watch the project—watching it back.” They’re seeing it again for the first time, seeing the people that brought it alive. And that really gets me.

How do you feel about being compared to the “big directors”?

It’s funny—I think I have a lot to offer to the industry—and it’s a pretty tough thing to say. [laughs] There’s only one director, and that’s David Lynch. There’s only one director in the world who I know is in a state of denial. I don’t know what I did wrong. I had one year to see

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