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Writing a script should be easy. You don’t have to be a seasoned actor, you can use free online script editors that will allow you to customize the script. Just copy and paste into a text editor – that won’t take long.

You can use many different online scripts, but a script should at least be 2-3 minutes long. Here’s an example of one of my own scripts.

How can you get a free online script editor?

For an example how I did it check this article, or check this link. Just click, download and you’re off.

But wait! You told me they are not easy to use – I was wrong. It’s easy, if you know how. You can use any of these free online scripts. You just have to click the link, and after that you can start writing whatever you want (I found these scripts extremely useful for some examples).

Here they are.

You’re now ready to start working.

1. Select your story type

There are various types of scripts there are story types, like action, mystery, comedy, drama etc. If you don’t know one then go with the one you like. The one you choose is up to you but don’t go out of your way to choose something that is out of a genre for example. The only reason for choosing something that is unusual is if it’s a good idea.

After you choose your story type, write the first few sentences on your script. Think about how much of it’s going to relate to your characters in a good way and you should know which kind of story you want to tell.

2. Make a note on what scene you will do
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This is also good if you want an idea of how long it’s going to be. Just make a note if you’re going to do this scene or if it’s going to be a simple action sequence.

3. Make a note on how your characters want to react

How do your characters want to react? Do they want to try to stop this or not? Do they need a reason to stop what they’re doing? Do they want to keep it going or do they want to end it? The more you know about your characters and their reactions the better, even at the beginning. Once a scene is done, make a note of how that scene is going to end.

4. Create a brief description

Now this is

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