How do you start a script? – Guerrilla Filmmaking Techniques Tone

When the script is created you need not have to set up the server first. Just type a command like:


where is the name of your script.

In theory, python scripts should be made of lines starting with python. In practice, however, you should often use an alias to save you the trouble of searching through your scripts in multiple files, and simply start it as python or python3. If you are using Python you are more likely to write your scripts using this style of script.

When you type a command like python you usually have one argument, e.g. one line. You do not need to have this argument unless you use a special shell function or command, e.g. the find command.

How do I edit the script ?

You can edit the script just like you can any other script, but a note may still tell you to quit your editor after you have entered your changes.

For example, if you add a new field and want the new value to appear within a table. you may want to write this to the script:

# A comment allows you to add your changes to the original file Python — comment my_new_field — my_field=”VALUE”

How do I remove a line ?

If you wish to delete a line from the script, the Python script automatically remembers the last value entered in it. To find the last line that was entered use the following:

python2.7 — find last entered line

Once you find the last line you can remove it like you would anything.

How do I write comments in my script ?

To write comments within your script, you must use the — comment option. To write a comment, you must tell the script how to interpret a given line as a new line.

For example, if you want your program to show the current value of the $FOO variable, you can declare the variables ‘$FOO’ and ‘$FOO’ and then just add a comment like this to your file:

# Comments in the script to show how the variables are manipulated as $FOO and $FOO. # # The comments to the scripts start with python. # So, the line $FOO would start with: python — comment $FOO

In the first line you use $FOO to define

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