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I thought I’d take it one day at a time and I did but I was actually learning more with every day just through taking my work very seriously and paying attention to what I was doing. It was actually harder than I expected to begin with. But after the first day I was hooked. If you want a great tutorial of everything you need to know about filmmaking and I’d highly recommend the book, don’t let the length of that book intimidate you, go do all the lessons one day at a time. The best lessons take a while and it’s very difficult but you don’t want that to happen to that book, go do it one day at a time.

What would you have to say to filmmakers who want to learn how to become a screenwriter?

Honestly, it’s incredibly difficult. There are tons of great people who’ve done the training and have done it like me and they are fantastic screenwriters like Peter Straub and Jeff Sneider who have been great to me. They are really down to earth and will read whatever advice you give to them along those lines and give you the best advice they can, but they will not help you get to the point of where you are learning the skills you need to be successful. I would suggest anybody looking to learn how to become a screenwriter or a filmmaker to start off really by taking the one day classes I mentioned above. Just because you can do them on a weekend doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be spending time doing them. Just because you know how to do some things doesn’t mean you should think to yourself, “That’s not good enough because I need to be really good”. Just because you’ve read about a lot of movies doesn’t mean you should think there’s a whole universe of movies out there that you can learn from and you should just go out and have a great weekend and do it until you can’t.
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Do you ever plan to make your own movies?

Yeah, I do plan on a bit of that. I’ll make a film where I shoot something with my dad and do that but this time through a collaboration with him as well. There’s a lot of similarities between this time around but it’s still pretty exciting!

And what’s it like working with Jeff Sneider again?

I didn’t actually know him that well before I even met him because I’d known him for a couple of years and then he got killed way before all of this stuff happened…so it was cool

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