How long does it take to learn filmmaking? – Film Production Jobs In New York

How long did you think you would have to study filmmaking before becoming a professional?

As of right now they say you only learn a thousand times before you can be an actor, but I haven’t been making a big deal of it. I think I can definitely be a professional filmmaker as long as I work hard at it.

Who is your favorite film director and why?

I love most people who are very creative, and I am one of those people. Some people are really great at writing, others are amazing at cinematography, but I’m more of an actor. I just find it very easy to write and shoot a lot, and I think that is a pretty good compliment.

Who’s your favorite actor and why?

Oh, I mean… I don’t know, I like a lot of actors, of course! But I just feel like they get me the least since I don’t really know the same kind of person, you know?

Have you ever thought about being a stuntman?

Oh yeah, I’ve wanted to do this for a while because it seemed like the only way to really get a sense of acting and what that’s like and to really find what that means with the process of learning film technique, and that was a very powerful experience for me.

What was your dream role?

I guess that’s something that I don’t have an answer to. Probably as a student or a fan of film in some way that would be cool, but I haven’t really thought about that particular moment.

What is one thing you’d like to work on that others probably wouldn’t do?

I would like to work with other directors I admire and directors who have something to teach me about what this filmmaking process might be like. I am constantly inspired by what I learn from great writers, and I think that it would be helpful to have other people who think something the same way that I think. So that would be a major goal for me. And I think I have a lot of fun writing, so maybe we could form a crew that has people who also like to write.

What’s a good movie quote that people might like to hear?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” – George Santayana

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