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How long do you need to be an actor before directing?

What does that mean?

What does it mean when a director takes over a film?

When do you get cut?

What are the major roles in Hollywood casting?

Tell me about doing “The Office and the Game of Thrones” at the same time as “Friends.”

When was it the last time you did a musical?

Any movie stars you have in mind?

If you could cast any actor for any role in a film, who would you cast?

Tell me about auditioning for the role or any movie roles you ever auditioned for.

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Who are your biggest influences in film?

In case you missed it yesterday, Google rolled out the Android 4.0 update for the Nexus 4, which included a “new look and feel for the OS.” It also included some pretty major changes to a lot of parts of the system, some quite obvious and some less so:

The launcher app has been updated to include “a cleaner, quicker look,” “the same interface but with some additional features to provide a more consistent user experience,” and an “expandable notification panel.” It’s also a little faster and more fluid than the app on earlier versions of Android.

Google has been making some big changes to the way the settings panel works too. There’s a new option that lets you select from “two, three, or four icon sizes for the status bar” – or whatever you want. It’s “similar to the one you get on the Nexus 7 tablet” for example. There’s also a new option for “the status bar’s background color and color of the battery percentage indicator” in the notifications panel – sort of like when you’ve got things going the wrong way. There’s the opportunity here to use the status bar as a widget, too – either as notification bar, notification area, or in the settings page itself.

Google has also updated the gallery app to make more room for photos. The “fullscreen” mode – which is where you’ll find the app – has been changed so that it now contains two photos. Here’s how you can access it now:

Next, Google has “added additional options to enable multiple photos to be added to a gallery by one person.” This can be useful for sharing from multiple accounts or different devices.

In some cases, Google has even made things simpler:

If you

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