How long does it take to learn filmmaking?

We have two years of experience developing, working and launching businesses and we know that you also take your time. There is no such thing as too much time, or at least most things. It is very easy to get distracted and lose sight of the important. The important is to build up time to focus on the things that make you most happy.

Where you’re going as an artist depends largely on what you’re shooting, and on who you are working with. You should have a firm idea of what you’re shooting the way you plan your schedule and how you are using all tools (we use a lot of plugins, in-camera and post and on-set). In most cases the most realistic scenario would be a two-year film making career, and you will learn new things through every step of your journey.

Can you tell me about the best way to film a scene?

As long as you work in collaboration it’s easier. When shooting live you are using as much of a tool as possible. For everything, so there is no single or easy solution. Most of my friends are working out of their bedroom but it takes a while to get them to be that excited about collaborating. You need strong people skills. It takes time to build trust. The best way is to build up a relationship with the other actors/people involved. But you can also work with collaborators through a script, that’s what we do with our film The Big Bad.

Have you ever used editing/procedure before?

I think I took about 10 courses through my Film Production Degree (now complete) but I am still learning. I am definitely trying to stay open minded so that I will try any idea when it comes to it. You have to know, whether it fits into our story and our concept, how it will make sense or whether it will go against our values.

Tell us a good story about how you’ve used a film crew or a director to develop a film?

I have used crews before and they were always just to keep me on a tighter control. They were just there for the sake of getting the shot. I learned that you can work with crew for multiple purposes. I am not saying every filmmaker has to be a crew person, I am not saying that it’s the best way. I just wanted to know that it wasn’t just to keep me on a tight leash.

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