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Where are they located? And are they making great movies?

If you are wondering what this blog is about, check out the section on filmmaking jobs. Or if you are looking at a job in general – check out my new blog, “How to be a Movie Director” so you don’t have to.

The point here is that when you are starting out, you need to take a step back from the job market and focus on your passion projects, which are going to be the reason you get to make awesome movies.

You need to find a few things to focus on, such as:

A) how you would fit into a production team. B) what films will you produce or direct. C) what type of film you want to make. D) who is likely to know of others that need your services, and how they can help.

The idea is to pick a focus area and then figure out the rest.

Do you know how much it costs to make a movie? How much money (if you don’t make money) does it take? The number of hours per day do you work? How much are you allowed to travel to shoot scenes/camera locations? I’m guessing you can figure those things out, along with the rest.

A lot of it is a guess. You can tell me you’re not sure if a film will make a dollar or not, but I can’t tell you what the total salary is or what day of the week you’re assigned to shoot.

When it comes to your passion projects, how much do you have to sell them in order to get paid? How much will the team have to hire you to get you to shoot a scene? You need to figure out what you’re looking for.

The important thing is to figure out a strategy that allows you to make a project that fulfills you creatively and financially.

Then – the next question – what do you look for?

I’m going to tell you a lot more than you know now. Let’s take a look at the movie below.

Let’s see if, over the next 5 years, you can make this work.

A few things to take away from this movie.

I want to be a “goddamn superstar.”

I will need to shoot 10 hours a day as a filmmaker. I need to get a day job to get there. This doesn’t sound very glamorous or successful at

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