How much does a film director make in a year?

A: A relatively stable, 5-10 million a year in the world of Hollywood, and maybe 10 million or so in the US.

Q: What can I expect to receive on a new film if I go the independent route in Australia?

A: I’d like to say the worst part of all, but it’s the first question I get: “Can we see a few of what you’re shooting?”

Q: Should I pay to take my camera out for a day or two in a remote cabin in the bush to film a movie?

A: No. You should be free to do that. The film can be made for a fraction of what you paid for.

Q: What kinds of stuff will you be interested in photographing?

A: Some things, particularly if it’s a small town, but for a lot of places it can be a big place where you have a lot of action and a lot of people who can interact with you a million different ways. I’ll be more interested in cities and big towns, like London, Paris, Rome and so on, where I can shoot things like the Queen and Buckingham Palace or other royal personages. I’ll also be interested in some places where it’s a more quiet environment; in Tasmania in Queensland, and so on.

Q: What kind of subjects are you interested in in any of these places?

A: In most cases, there’s not a huge amount of money involved, and the actors’ salaries are quite low. So really it’s all down to your appetite, and the opportunity to get behind the camera while you’re in place.

Q: What are the main reasons for going independent in Australia?

A: A lot of the people who go there just aren’t working in the movie, TV or film industry as they used to. So if they just have a passion for it, then for some people it’s easier, because they know they can get at least half the time or more working with only the minimal resources.

A lot of people are very passionate about what they do, and for them, it’s all that matters. If it isn’t working, that’s not a big problem.

Q: Did you shoot some of your own stuff (including “Bridget Jones’s Baby”) in remote locations?

A: Of course. I wanted to do that film in the Australian outback, but on the other hand