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So if he’s a film director then one way he can make a career off of his work is to get film school.

What does that cost?


For the majority of us, film school is not a cost, it is “life”. With so much money in Hollywood that it’s completely out of our hands, it’s important to get the basics right…the first step to making a living doing film is, make good art.

The biggest moneymaker in Hollywood right now is a documentary, they are usually in one of two categories. One is documentaries with strong focus…that focus is based on real facts, and the subject usually deals with big ideas, such as the Iraq War. Secondly is documentaries whose objective is to make money…that are just made to make an extra buck or two.

Both of these genres of documentary rely heavily on the director having a great style, as you can see from the work of many good directors. They should be able to do the following things:

Create an idea in the director’s head.

Acknowledge the audience’s interest with their voice…which will bring the tone of their conversation to life.

Make sure audience members can easily look or understand the content…so they would feel connected.

Create drama and drama makers are the best at these types of documentaries…these directors have a lot of passion, and often have strong characters within them.

So what if you’re a student?

It’s a good idea to be a good student, and as a student you should:

Start small and learn by doing.

Focus on your subject matter…that will allow them to tell you how to make it interesting and engaging.
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Learn about the process of making films at a local university.

There are many great filmmaking schools out there, and if you’re a student at one then I’d recommend you check out the school website and get a feel for what they do.

The following websites are all decent:

Film schools are also starting to offer scholarships for students taking one of these two categories of documentary:

Documentary with strong and impactful focus:

Documentary focused on personal or dramatic issues, or is a little more emotional/human/personal:

The first two are great…this will allow you to work with a director on a project, and learn from your mentor.

There aren’t many scholarships

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