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To pay for this article, I am going to publish the median salary for the top 100 working film directors on the US grosses for this past year, as per a survey I conducted.

Let’s start with the very top – Kathryn Bigelow ($400,000 per year). She’s the director of all the big war movies – Zero Dark Thirty (which was a bestseller and she won an Oscar), The Hurt Locker (which has received a “Golden Raspberry” award), The Hurt Locker 2 (the sequel was well received), The Hurt Locker 3 (the sequel was an Oscar favorite), and the most recent one, Zero Dark Thirty (which was very good, but it’s a good sign that she’s not making a second sequel that might also make it, like J.J. Abrams’s previous movies). Bigelow earned $200,000 last year, so obviously her pay is a lot higher than hers, at least for the US.

She’s the only director at this level who only made around 20 movies this year. Her median was $400,000, which is slightly under a million dollars. That’s a little over 200 times her average salary for the year.

Bigelow’s earnings also include various bonuses at the end of the year, which I haven’t included here – although I hope to do so in a future update.

Next are the filmmakers of the smaller budget movies. They work in a different way on the big budgets: they’re on the short lists, the studio’s priority, while the producers do all the work on the lower-budget films.

In total, there were a little over 1.7 million hours of work in that category last year, which makes up around 70% of all films. That makes up around $500,000 a week out of roughly $1 billion in box office receipts.

The $300,000 to pay for this post comes only from salary information at the end of the year. It includes a few “non-salary expenses” that you’ll notice if you check the bottom of this page later on.

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