How much does a film director make in a year?

$30 MILLION. That’s right, that’s why you pay $30,000 per dollar you earn on a movie. If it’s a movie like Spider-Man 3, which made $1.2 billion globally on a $200 million budget, a director makes more from the sale of those 2,000-plus tickets to international theaters to his film than he makes from a single day of making Spider-Man 3. I mean really, come on, who in their right mind is going to give $300 million to a film that makes a measly $200 million if the idea of the whole thing is to make $70 million domestically and $80 million overseas? That’s not the kind of movie I was thinking of.

You might be thinking “Wait, the guy who makes all these movies on a movie budget is making more off of the sale of tickets on a $200 million film than he is on a $1.2 billion movie?” Well, no, because he’s still getting a percentage of that film’s profits. He still gets to pocket the full $40 million. But don’t feel down, you’re actually not that bad. Even the best actors go out on a “Won’t Back Down.” That’s the first line on the movie. So you see, I’m not even that bad because my wife says I’m doing real well.

You get paid for the next day’s work? No way. What’s the next day’s work? It’s not something you’re paid. It’s not an hourly wage. I am literally going to the airport to board, then I am getting an hour’s notice and I come back. I work like a machine. There are people who are good to work with, but they’re not like that. I literally get paid for every day I do nothing.

Did you enjoy the experience of editing the film? Yes, every single night for 3 years and it’s like the dream come true. I always say that if you make all the right decisions throughout a film, the end result is going to be what you want it to be. When you’re editing a movie for 3 years, you’re just trying to keep the focus on what it’s important. It’s trying to maintain the emotions of the viewer in the film as you’re editing. Once you go 3 years between cuts, it’s impossible to keep the emotions and emotions moving forward. I don’t even know what it’s even like to be able to do that