How much does a filmmaker make a year? – Filmmaking History

(Hint: It depends, a lot, but at the top end you can make up to 10-12 million.)

So, how about this question: What are the most important moments in a film’s lifecycle, from the moment you first heard someone say the title, to when they were in costume and when their first day on set?

What are your favorite “what have you done lately?”. What are your least favorite?

And what do you wish people told to do instead of making the movie they want to do?

The list can go on and on, so let’s get to it.

Most Important Moment in Filmmaking

I’ve been to the film school and I want to go back. I love film school, but you only get one shot. It’s like making a movie. There’s no room to get lost in someone else’s film. That’s why filmmaking is my first passion.

There are plenty of other people that will get in my car and go “I’m going to make this film. Here’s all my notes and stuff.” I’m like “No.”

The first thing I’d say is to “get the story out there before you start.” We all have our first time on the big screen and for me that first time is always the most important. But that’s really not all I’m doing. I’m getting my hands dirty to make this thing. And I want to be sure these are the notes I remember.

So, I know I should start with the first day. After that, we can take it slowly. We can do this. We can do that.

Second, I want to go back to “What have you done recently?” And how do people remember their first day on set. We all are different and our first films are different. Some films have big budgets and get huge play; you’ve just learned from that.

How do you approach a certain director like Stanley Kubrick who said “you’re going to have to start somewhere” or “you’re going to have to learn a few things” – or what other directors do. What do other directors tell you or what do you listen to them. I’m curious if some directors say “you’re going to have to learn a few things” and some say “you’re going to have to start from scratch.”

Third, I want to learn how to talk about the film the way I want to.

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