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How much money does a producer make per hour?

How much does a producer, director, or editor make per hour?

This one really surprised me. How many of the top 10 films in the world, including The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings films, are made by a mere 10 people? That’s a lot. Some estimates put the global number of people making films in the $500-million- or $1 billion-a-year industry at roughly 50 million people (some estimate twice that). That’s huge money for a country like India, but not for the United States. To put that in context, over the past four decades since The Beatles and The Stones, America’s per capita income has only increased about 1% per year. And that number will likely continue to decline, unless there can be sustained economic growth for decades to come. In a worst-case scenario, it may even drop below the poverty line of $2 a day by the end of this century! That’s an enormous amount.

But perhaps India’s most impressive cultural capital is its film industry. And that may not prove to be as impressive anymore. After all, India’s films have long been known for being “cinematic” or “artsy.” They are very often based on contemporary events and, for most, a lot of the time, they can be quite funny. I say almost, but not quite. There are plenty of examples of serious movies that have also been deemed “cinematic” by the Indian government. Take the film The Legend Of Tarzan, for example, which was banned for many reasons including nudity and gratuitous violence. It was so terrible that its release was delayed three times. The Indian government did not censor its release, but it wasn’t as politically and culturally sensitive as the much more violent The Great Gatsby, which was released shortly thereafter.

It is true that Hollywood films have always been relatively low-budget films, and they are becoming much more than that. The cost of a major film today seems to be around $60 million, and that is still more than many of India’s major Hindi-language movies. These are movies that aren’t considered to be very artistic, but because of Indian government restrictions, they are considered to be more suitable for big budgets. (This is why movies like Akshay Kumar’s recent Kajin Karoli 2, with its production cost of just $15 million, has made it to No. 1 in the

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