Is a degree in film worth it? – Filmmaking Books

Here are a few things to consider before enrolling in a film degree that may save you time in the long run:

Is getting hired as a movie actor a big deal?

We can assume that hiring a movie actor would be the most common path to becoming a Hollywood movie director. Some people who may think that they have the skills to do this job are those who have had no experience (as in no previous role as a movie star/dancer/teacher/etc), and are looking to hire a movie actor as their first audition role. This is a very risky venture, because you’re not necessarily likely to take the leap of faith that it will succeed. If you’re a seasoned pro who actually has the chops/knowledge to direct a movie, then you should not be looking for a way to get hired immediately, unless you’re willing to invest a significant amount of time and energy in the process and know that this is an incredibly important position to get into.

What if I don’t know the “right” type of person to take on this role?

There is no right or wrong, only learning and growth. If you haven’t figured out a way to find the “right” person for this role, you may not be interested in this career as a result. If that happens, then you certainly can still make a movie! As a rule, you’ll likely meet an actor who has found the “right” actor to play the role that they’ve been looking for. This person may be on the other end of the spectrum as to which actors they’d like to be in their films… you never know.

Can I get jobs as a producer before I even enter the filmmaking field?

Not necessarily. Sometimes it could be the case that you have a little bit of film production experience (as a director) but aren’t yet ready to move into the film industry. There’s even a movie industry that focuses on these people who have already had roles as producers in movies, and some of the top producers there are quite successful in making movies too! There’s a ton of opportunities for these people to break into the film industry. But, these types of films take a lot more work than you’d think, so you’ll have to get a degree in something like production, or in filmmaking, or if you’re still in school, in a field that deals with the actual producing of the film (as opposed to the shooting of a movie).

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