Is a film degree useless? – Best Dslr Cameras For Filmmaking Tips From Directors

And not just because it’s useless as a tool for making your work more marketable? (Yes, that’s sarcasm.) Maybe all that extra schooling and preparation doesn’t help; maybe you have to do more than study. But if your only aim is to get a job — if your goal is to be a well-paid part-time cashier, a secretary or a personal assistant who can spend your hours working to pay the rent and buy cigarettes and beer — a film degree is a wasted investment. If you don’t want to wait for your degree to start paying off — if you want to get hired immediately — then give yourself plenty of time ahead of time. This time can be a year, or two. Just start working on films that you’ll show up for on your first day.

Don’t wait to go to a film school

Some people think they are better qualified if they go to film school first. But it is better and closer to a must to spend time studying at a university in the States before starting your first film. There is not a good reason for any young man or woman not to go to a film school. The cost is much lower than a university education. The film industry has grown up for more than a century of being driven by film classes — and more than a century of graduate students who go, often in their 20s.

If you go to film school, you will not get your first job for a year or two after college — and some of you will miss your first job (or get fired for it, as my friend told me). But if you spend some time getting to know a director, or working on scripts while paying close attention to the schedule, then you can make the most of your investment — and your future. That’s where a film degree can prove invaluable.

Image caption The case is being watched closely as it follows on the back of two other major trials

Three men have been jailed for life for murdering an off-duty police constable in a “dragnet” operation.

Mohammed Mursal’s body was found in a canal and his killer was subsequently convicted in November 2011.

The three men now face the possibility of further prison time if they fail to overturn the conviction and go to court.

The three-year sentence was given by Judge Keith Cutler in Manchester City Crown Court.

The men, along with two other men, had pleaded guilty to the murder and were found guilty at Manchester

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