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So far on this blog I’ve looked at two examples of how a director of a single film has an independent status, though this isn’t strictly correct as both are only available under the title of “producer” or “director of the film” etc. I have only looked at these types of films as these are the three most common names for directors and they have both the benefit of being somewhat more formalised and also being more common than many other roles.

However, if you look closer at these three, one of which could be the main source of controversy regarding this blog, they also have the following criteria for entry:

(1) they must make a studio release and (2) they must make their movie on the same system as the other two.

This could be a major problem for the big studios who often produce a number of films on different production formats and will typically prefer to make the ones with an independent status.

There will almost certainly be a good reason why one of these filmmakers is considered independent, but they should not all be. There are a great many independent filmmakers who take this approach and there are some who actually make a decent living off their films, so don’t take their word for it. I’ve had enough trouble with big companies claiming they own my films, so I’m not going to go into every single one here. I’ve written before on this blog about some of the reasons I would like to see independent films make more of an effort to show in some way that they are independent and I will be looking at more of these arguments in the future. There will be numerous articles and blogs written that will tell you what film is or is not independent. You can check out our articles about independent film making and on why you should make an indie film here.

For example:

You can see some of the films I’ve done on this blog in the sidebar of my Facebook and Twitter wall links.

A big part of the reason why we can make films like this is because we have all been given opportunities to show off and make the first steps towards an independent film making career without necessarily needing to start a studio project and it’s in this way that these films are very much alive and kicking.

But what type of independent is this? Is a director of a single, low budget film independent or is it more a group of filmmakers who all have a similar set of goals and then decide to make an independent film themselves? Are there really

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