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At least it’s so hard to get the best talent you find to work because of politics.

Nipsey Hussle & Lauren London | Sandra Rose
I don’t know what happened — maybe the politics of the day were so intense that people didn’t want to work.

You have been nominated for and won an Academy Award on the strength of your film The King’s Speech [1997]. You made The Descendants twice. Have you noticed anything different when you’re making a film today about a minority?

There are so few people like me. I’m not a star. I’m not Hollywood. I’m a person from Minnesota who just happens to be a father. The kids don’t look at me the way people did in The Lord of the Rings when they were seven. They look at me like, “What are you doing in a role this big?” I used to be treated the same as anyone else who made a movie about a family — a star of mine. I was told, “You know what, man? I don’t like the fact that you’re being portrayed like a saint.” And then the movie comes out and people say, “I didn’t know you were that good of a writer.” All of a sudden, they’re like, “You are a saint and you’re an amazing writer on your own film.” That’s what is happening now; suddenly you’re getting the same treatment as the great writers today.

Do you think there’s a difference, in your experience, between your two films and other films from the minority that are being made?

Well, I haven’t worked with anyone else. I have no experience with other people. No director that I’ve ever worked with has ever said, “Well, I was going to give it [a] chance.” They said, “We’ll figure that one out. You just do your job,” because these are very rare people. That’s the difference that’s happened recently.

I haven’t heard anyone say that about you.

That’s what’s really great about people working on their own films today — there are a lot of them. And to me, that’s the biggest difference. There are a lot less of them.

The Descendants, too. It’s funny — some of my friends are saying that that’s a black film. I don’t get it. I would never use that. But what I hear is, “Black film!” Black family films. Black, or mixed, or whatever it is. It sounds like

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