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Filmmakers are directors.

Filmmakers and filmmakers are similar in many respects, even if one person may be one element of a large group that is not a film producer.

What is director?

A director is someone who owns an exclusive right to produce and direct a work or a film.

What should a filmmaker do in order to be a director?

Film financiers should always have a clear understanding of where a film is headed, what type of project, where it should go, and how much it is worth and be willing to put into this endeavor.

A filmmaker needs to own a specific type of film and the rights to it.

A filmmaker must have the confidence in his or her ability to manage money the right way and to have a clear vision for what it is that he or she is ultimately going to produce.

Is director the same as filmmaker?

Yes and no.

Filmmakers are directors.

Filmmakers are people.

A filmmaker can be a director, but is just like any other person.

A director’s film is like any other person.

The director’s film that you produce will not be the same person, but any other film is different.

The “director” is an individual.

Director is the same as filmmaker.

How will I know if a Director and/or Producer is Right for me?

You must be willing to invest in your own “vision” which is to a large extent the director’s, and the producer’s work.

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There is no question that the director and producer will have their own ideas, and sometimes these ideas will overlap a bit.

Both the director and producer must be willing to invest substantial time and energy in making your film what it will be.

How do I find the right director?

Finding the right director is a personal choice. It cannot be done. As a general guide, you may wish to consider the following:



Technical ability.


Industry connection.

Personal connection.

What do I need to become a filmmaker?

In order to become a “director,” you must take the following steps:

Start your career as a director if you’re an artist or a director, do your homework and be creative.

Take a year off and then

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