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Are Filmmakers the same as filmmakers? Is it a meritocracy, or are these two groups mutually exclusive? If the latter, why is the latter so common?

Film is now seen increasingly as a medium and an artist which has its own language and aesthetics. Is this cultural shift necessarily bad? Is it merely the result of an increasingly competitive, self sustaining market that values a narrative over other aesthetics? What is the relation between a good film and good culture? Why is the former perceived a threat to the latter? How we view the cinema as we do it today and in the present informs and shapes the way we think about both the art of the director and the aesthetics of cinema.

Is it the director of a film studio who makes the art; or is he or she acting as the custodian of the art? Does the director, like any other artist, have a vision of cinema which is the cinema of his or her lifetime and which defines a way of creating art which is both different and universal? What is the cinema as he or she, as an artist, wants from the cinema of his or her lifetime or the cinema of future generations?

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Data available to The Guardian show that there will be an extra 3,700 people on food banks in England in the final quarter of 2015, with 3,200 of those coming on a single day in the last four weeks of August alone.

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