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I don’t think anyone could have foreseen the rise of the “lazy” films where everyone is doing very interesting things – people are really learning how to have a good story, and they just are not trying to figure that out? That’s just not their job.

Is it difficult to do interesting things? The way I see it it isn’t any different than a doctor going into the ER and asking a patient “What’s wrong?” and saying “Okay, why am I here?” and having no idea what’s going to happen to them. You’re taking a lot of things that are going to happen on the surface and saying they are part of an overall story.

Why did you get involved in the film-making? I was working for a small independent production house, a small company in my city. The production studio wanted to do a film about this really great producer here in the States. They were also producing this really great new thing that came out that was going to happen to me. There were some great writers and actors – all these guys wanted to get involved. Then one of the other guys there went to see the film that we were doing with this producer that was really into film. They really wanted to do a different kind of film, and they were like “Well, do you want to do a film about this?” So he said, “Well go make it, and I’ll find a director.” So I said, “OK.” So I made a bunch of movies, and I got some great scripts outta them, and I was like “Oh this is what we’re going to do.”

I met with everybody I could find in Los Angeles and was like “You want to do this film?” and everyone said yes.

How much of the film was you writing yourself and how much was it done by the director and what director is involved? At times you have to kind Of how much I was doing on the set, and I would just walk around and let everyone know what I was doing and trying to do. If they were in a room and had nothing to do I would go look at the actors. I would make notes and stuff like that, and I would just kind of run through the whole thing, even if there were little things or there wasn’t much to do. But we had a really good director, a really good writer, the cast was awesome, and every time I walked away I would walk away happy because I had really good luck and everybody

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