Is filmmaking a hobby? – Best Professional Cameras For Filmmaking Courses

Should it be?


I have two thoughts on that question. One, I think filmmaking is one of those things that is intrinsically linked to creativity and creativity is important — particularly in the way that it’s a process where people can create something and bring it to life. I think the way that I think about it is that there are always going to be people — no matter what they do — who are going to do things differently than any of us are able to do and will get better with experience.

So if it’s not something you’re interested in, then what is?

On the other hand, one thing that I’ve tried to do in the past is to really recognize that there are people at every level of experience, in every place, doing exactly the same thing as you as one of many, or thousands from different walks of life, or from one country to another. And that’s really important because when you think of something that you’re not interested in doing, you should always look at other people doing it as your competition and also as an opportunity to learn.

Does the process of filmmaking require long-term commitment?


It is difficult for me to answer in a simple manner because I’m on a film project right now, and one of the things that I can do as part of that process is to sit down and really get to know a filmmaker and take a lot of notes and learn to write something because in film-making there’s an incredibly specific, well-crafted way that you’re supposed to start. You’re supposed to be really comfortable, really confident about what you’re doing and try to do it as quickly as possible to get that right. It’s really difficult to do that if you’re working at a day job every single day and there are no real, time-consuming opportunities to try something novel or see if your passion can be nurtured.

How has your filmmaking journey influenced your career path?


I think it’s just my approach to it and it’s not even necessarily the specific career choices, it’s just that I’ve really been lucky to work with very good people over the long haul. People like Steven Soderbergh and the people at Sony and the people at Disney because I’ve been so fortunate to work with them — they’ve been very supportive of me and very supportive of some of my ideas as they saw what my ability to make movies was.

How has directing affected

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